I’m a Newbie on NL Hold’em Even I Know Math

Last night, it was my first time played no limit Texas Holdem, and to be honest, I am suck at it. To begin with, I read the poker rules in a short time and I think it is quite simple and I can handle them. Then I came to the game on Facebook, chose a newbie room and played with some other guys. Not say I was strained, but I felt rigid indeed. Soon I lost my half chips and till then I began to adjust my mindset and restart with prudent bets. Yes, I lost again and again, even I have the best starting hand: a pair of aces,but with the new strategy I used, all the bets I lost were very small. If I didn’t feel good about my hands, say 9♦11♥, I fold anyway.

After my try and effort to keep my wager balance, I found this holdem poker game is quite a game of math with a little lucky.  You can fold anytime with the risk of losing 1/2 blind bet, that’s not much, and if you have enough patient to wait for big wins. I think the meticulous way of playing card games for money is a conservative method which can keep you stay in the seat. Not to mention the no limit poker tournaments, the tight and aggressive approach would give you some more heart attack during the contest.

Anyway, this is a fun game, and I can use some money.

PS: the highest hand I got last night was: full house. Good for me!


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