New Blog Needs Prompt: I Always Want to Relive

I started my new blog testmecards a week ago and I only write three blogs so far. It seems good, but I am afraid of losing zeal on this writing thing, so there is  a good blog prompt this week on wordpress, I think I can take part of it.

Yes, I wish I could have the ability to build a machine called Relive-Past-Week, this time machine will really help me out if I do something I would regret. The truth is I always did stupid things again and again, like procrastination, distraction or forgot to wash clothes. Those stupid things do not look they are must be done, but you don’t want to be hurry.

This may not be positive, and I am glad to have options to start over some stuff. I am not saying I dig into perfectionism or greedy for immortal life, that is not me, I just think this way. You know what I have done last week? Nothing, that is problem and may be the reason I want to relive the lost time.