Remember The Time Played Cards With Friends

When someone ask me what is the favorite scent of summer I probably keep in mind, I would think about the time I had with my close friends, we sat together, drank tea and play poker games. Sometimes it was rainy outside, and we heard the sound of raindrop hitting the roof and blast of  thunder out of blue. That was fun and memorable, I just wanna be live like that again.

summer scents of purple flower

summer flower

The old times smell like a scent of softhearted and warm wine, you taste it now and then, makes you all day. Summer may be the happiest time of whole year, with children’s laugh, saying poker slang, playing Texas Holdem and drinking some homemade grape.

snowman in summer from frozen movie

hot sun and snowman

Oh, summer just make not to write so many words, summer wants me to lay down and watch the blue sky and white clouds. I am enjoying summer and miss all my friends.

So, what is your smell about summer day?


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