Wait Here, I’ll Go and Get a New Deck From Vending Machine

You know what they sell in vending machine, sushi, cigarette and even live crab. And you know what they do not sell in automatic dispenser, decks, card games. I mean if I meet a group of new friends in the park, we want to play some poker casually, right here right now, but we do not have any chess or cards, what options do we still have to promote the bonding stuff.

poker games begin in the park

friends get around play poker in the park – from flickr.com

It’s not just the time and the place, people who doesn’t want to play poker? The game is fun and chances are you also could make some money. It’s not a crazy idea, I mean, the decks and board games are not expensive stuff, everybody can offer them, when you meet someone you can really fit into and both you are like amateur or enthusiastic fan at playing cards, then why not draw some cards together.

Vending machine on pokers sounds like a good business, and other chess games. OK, may be it’s not that realistic, but the true hope is we can grab anything we like instantaneously, the more convenience we can get, the better life we will live.

This is today’s prompt. I hope you like it.