Chinese Card Games: The Rules of Go-Fishing

In my memory, we call the game go fishing. It is quite a fishing card game, I check all the variations in the wiki list and no one is exactly like this card recreation. So I conjecture this is the game no one talks online, just be played in some places. To my knowledge,the kids in Putian, China play this poker card game, I was there once, as a child.

The rules of go-fishing are very simple, so it’s mainly popular in the kids. It can be played by multiplayers, and you can play any amount of decks theoretically(often just one deck).


First of all, every player will be dealt 5 cards on their hands, the remaining cards face down and are put in the middle of table. After that, 5 cards will be arranged around the rest of cards.

Before anything happen, players should figure out who becomes the first person to fishing(You can use rock-paper-scissors, or more complex, RockpaperscissorslizardSpock). But in next game,the one who win in this turn will be the first angler.

Now, let’s go fishing!

Every player just use one card in his/her hand to match the cards on the table. The match method is simple only if you know the basic math like addition.

For example, if the cards on the table are as follow:

five poker cards

any five cards, I don’t care the suits

and you get a 10 in your hand(it’s not any business of  suits), then you will win the two 5 cards. Or if you have a King, then you will take away the 2, Jack and King cards to your score zone. See, it is just the math in primary school (if you still can’t get the ideas, check here: King = King, and King = Jack + 2). For your information: Ace = 14, King = 13, Queen = 12, Jack = 11,  and the rest can be done in the same manner.

If none of your cards have the chance to capture fish,you should take one card out and put it in the circle(the five cards on the table,but now it’s six).

Anyway, no matter you get any lucky, you draw one card from the remaining cards to make sure you get five cards in your hands until there are no cards left in the supplementary area. And meanwhile, the cards on the table should be always equal or greater than 5, and also become invalid if not enough cards to complement.

Finally, if nobody could fish any more, the game is over and begin to counting scores to elect winners this turn.


the point of Ace is 50
King is 40
Queen is 30
Jack is 20
others are all 10

Who gets the most points, who wins. If the scores are equal, then it’s a tie.

Tips: we don’t really count those scores, we use the method of offset to save time.



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