Bitter Gourd Challenge My Picky Tongue

bitter gourd still not mature

This stuff is the thorn in my side when I was a kid, I barely eat them. I would say they look a little bit strange out there, and taste like bitter than goldthread. But my parents told me it’s good for healthy in summer, and encouraged me to eat more.

Today, as a grownup, I can eat these bitter melon with a bad grace. In terms of my knowledge, I wonder why there is a so huge difference on flavor between the Cucurbitaceae category, like the watermelon and brinish calabash. They both grow up in summer, one is sweet and the other is pungent and sharp.

One of my supper food last week was bitter gourd and egg, it’s quite a simple recipe to DIY at home.

bitter gourd with eggs and tomato

bitter gourd with eggs and tomato, you gonna love it

So the prompt ask me about which flavor I have to give up, so you may already have my answer in your mind. Bitter is the taste which I am sure not a fan but also for most of people. You can say it’s kind of human nature. This is the answer attach to the question per se, but I shall say I can still handle with bitter food.

Here are the evidences to prove me right about the “most of people” part: