To Be a Minimalist Still Stay In the Back of Queue

What I should do to my life is a really serious problem I have been thinking about, I’ve read a lot of materials about Zen, Taoism and Confucianism, they are all fair enough, and have deep perspective on the human nature and life suggestions. The concepts are given by those doctrines have something in common, I realized it and figured out. You would say Minimalism is a product of Zen or Tao or their combination, and that is a easy one to follow and apply yourself.

a concept about nothing in the zen

nothing from zen, keep your mind clear

I appreciate the living style of simplifying, and I know I should try it too, but something always kicks me out. May be it’s procrastination, laziness, interruption or greediness. The desire in our mind is an evil, it will always keep us from getting good habits.  The stronger willpower you struggle to fight for yourself, the stronger feedback we will receive.

I never give up, I always fight for right stuff. My life queue is full of crap and waste, but that’s might be a task for me to get start with, I am a positive finder.


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