Lost Once In Mountaineering

I am the one who like go to outdoor space and have some fun with friends, even with the hot sunlight. Go hiking and mountaineering(small ones, not Everest) are my all time favorite exercise. Gyms are good, with all the wholesome fitness equipment, but I prefer the air and view outside.

Hiking and Mountaineering

you should try go hiking and have a good state of mind

Exploring the unknown area is my original impetus make me stay away the comfort zone, and I have to admit it also got me lost once. So many paths to choose and I was not that easy satisfied, so I could’t find my way out. It’s neither a enjoyable experience nor stressful one, because I did not stuck for several days, I finally cracked my way home.

I was a little impatient and wrought-up during that situation, and I kept trying to calm myself down. I had no guild and tutor, just all alone. I remembered clearly the heavy gear, the sweat and the roads under my feet.

Getting lost may be the thing you should consider beforehand, and still, you will kind of go the wrong turn during the whole travel. You shouldn’t worry about that so much, if you do miss your direction, just take a time to get some rest and backtrack, or choose one way and make marks as many as possible.

You will love hiking and mountaineering even though you get lost often.


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