The One With All The Poker – Ross Loves Rachel

The One With All The Poker, Friends, E01S18

This blog may have a little spoiler. 

Yeah, the title is blah, for those who are fans of Friends, we all know Ross had a major crush on Rachel since high school. And you can see the two things happen before and at the final match, the six friends play poker, which all denoted the love sign if some people do not familiar with this TV show.

Ross and Rachel together

Ross and Rachel together, Ross is gonna ask Rachel out.

Before they played poker (by the way, they were not playing Texas Holdem, Five Card Draw instead, that’s the game for home fun and rookies), Ross was trying to be a “not nice guy” in front of Rachel Green, I don’t know what the psychologist and love expert will say, but this little speech did not bring good impression back, however, it turned out to be a Heads up poker later between the two “not in relation yet” lovers.

what would win full house?

Ross And Rachel, final match at poker, tit for tat

At the final match, we knew Rachel just be denied by the interview she thought she would take it, and Ross and Rachel were kind of not being nice to each other. But Ross Geller lost the final hand on purpose, he was trying to help poor Rachel even mean he would lost like 50 bucks, that is a lot of money.

What matters? Rachel didn’t know that some one was crush on her,  she just had the prejudice just like the heroine Elizabeth in the book called Pride and Prejudice. Just then, Rachel was still a spoiled girl and had not enough mindfulness to her friends around. Pity on Ross.

May be sometimes two people just not that suitable for each other or the time is not right. In fact, I do not believe the lobster metaphor provided by Phoebe Buffay, if they are so into each other, why bother to break up and get together again and again. At the final episode, they reunite again, not marry but just be boyfriend and girlfriend. So it hard to tell these two would say “I love you” at the alter.

I think they have feelings for each other, but just not that suitable to share life together.


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