Hey, I Am The Genie

OK, I walked down on street one day, just thought about about how delicious the Kung Pao chicken was. Then, suddenly, bang!!!, I became a genie whatsoever and I really had no idea about that.

Aladdin and his lamp

magic lamp you would like to own one


Anyway, if I am one of generous genies, I probably don’t live in the magic lamp, because I don’t want to. And I will not be the same with genie of the lamp, I mean nothing about the face or the body, I mean the type of people whom I will  give my wishes to.

Seriously, I do not expect that my power would be abused by some bad guys, that is just unfair to whom deserves my wishes. All my requirements for those who really need help to their lives are just being nice and having  a warm heart. I appreciate the kindness, mercy and pureness, and most important is love. You are a good people, then you have my word.

But why just three wishes I can give out, don’t ask me, I don’t know. However, if it is true only three choices I can bring people happiness and well-being, then here they are:

1: Healthy Long Life

2: No Pressure to Live

3: Your Own Choice

And now, seems you get these, now it is my bedtime.

you see I fall asleep

zzz, I am now sleeping


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