Roaring Laughter Moments From Friends

I have been watching Friends since 5 years ago, and I still enjoy the fun moments in there. I like watching videos whilst eating my meal, good taste Chinese food and entertaining TV series, how can I say no?!  Especially when the time I feel a little blue in my mood, I just turn on computer and play the sitcom as background, listen to their talk, and the canned laughter, in most cases, I healed myself. Seems that they, the six friends, are also my bosom friends.

Funny Moment 1 — Phoebe

S01E21: The One With The Fake Monica

This line crack me up : when Phoebe said: “I’m totally getting it!”  Oh, and later she danced with Rachel, that is a good one, too.

Funny Moment 2 — Ross

S07E23: The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding

Ross had the big brother talk with Chandler who was going to marry Ross’s sister, Chandler was confused for a while and then started making fun with his brother-in-law.

Funny Moment 3 — Monica And Chandler

S06E17: The One with Unagi

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the two romantic engaged people decided to exchange gift which should made by hand. Chandler was lousy at this kind of thing, he just grabbed a mixed tape at last. It turned out to be a hideous but laughable moment between Monica and Chandler.

Funny Moment 4 — Joey

S06E08: The One with Ross’ Teeth

Joey recently had his new roommate named Janine(hotty), but he became worry about the apartment turn into much girly. The famous line should be “I’m sure it’s a famous watering can”.

Funny Moment 5 — Rachel

S10E18: The One with All the Other Ones

There’s something wrong with the left phalange, OK, may be it’s not happen on Rachel actually, but still, it’s funny and related to Rachel.

This is today’s prompt, hope you like it.


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