Chinese Card Games: Lying

Poker Lying

Today, I will introduce you another Chinese poker variation, I’ve already tell you one card game go fishing, may be I will consider make it a series, all talk about Chinese Poker. But let’s put that idea aside, for now, we talk about Lying.

Lying is the most easiest poker card game I’ve seen before, and probably also the funniest family game ever. However, it is sad and also a fact that many people today play cards just for money, not for fun or for emotions.

You kind of use bluffing trying to scare other players and make them fold or all-in with agitation, well, the Lying is not totally the same meaning with bluffing, it is just the way we play it. Literally, you can lie about all the cards are dealt.

Rules are easy

No players limit, the number of decks for play are as needed. (For funnier, two decks and four player are enough) All the cards should be dealt to every participator equally.

Then play it one by one anticlockwise, rules are easy, no suits different, just number matters. For example, I get six 6 cards on my hand, and I face them down in the middle of table, then I call there cards are six 8, then next player can call whatever cards, also face them down on the table and go on. If one of the players don’t believe the cards his left player just sent out, he can turn them over and check them, if the cards are the right number, then the skeptic should take all the cards left on the table and gather them in his hand; if it is not, then the left player should take them all. Once one player run out his cards, then the honor of winner goes into that one.

Maybe my words are terrible, so I draw a mind map here to show you the rules:

Lying Rules Mind Map

Lying Rules Mind Map

Terrible mind map I made, I knew, but I’ve my best.

Anyway, it is an easy but fun game. Every time I played it with my best friends, I laugh my ass out(lmao) .


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