White And Blank And Nothing

Giving a meditation, I close my eyes, the picture turns dark with a little light spots.

After cleansing my mind, I open my eyes, I feel the light without colors at the very first moment.

I am OK to be with dark world, because in that time, I fixate on the breathing and steer clear of all my thoughts.

Who doesn’t like lights, you are safe in the daylight on account of your desire to see things with your naked eyes.

You may ask me what my point is, I don’t know, I am just feeling that way.

I’ve been meditating for a couple of months, and there is a feeling is becoming stronger and stronger. It gives me a sense that I can touch the truth of the universe. My frame of mind also turns into white and blank, languages and thoughts gradually can’t get to be disturbance to me.

I am a little free in my mind now, so what pigments should I use for painting? White or Black, probably nothing.

meditation to denote the truth of universe

everything is just nothing from meditation


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