Can’t Stand All of Me

No kidding.

I was born with ugly face, it won’t scare people away but it did make me feel alone. I stay clear of looking at the mirror or singing in public those kind of things.

Look at the shadow in the real mirror, even I myself feel a little creepy. Don’t take me wrong, I love myself, I have high self-esteem and proper pride, however, things don’t work on my body sharp, my face. I love watching videos, but not me display in show. OK, may be it’s time to rethink my work out plan and go to gym more often.

About my voices, I don’t like it either. Singing in front of people has nothing to do with me, and I feel such more embarrassed and uncomfortable to do so. I enjoy the peace of listening music, I like new age music, I am a big fan of Bandari.

To be honest, I do not appreciate my preset, my outside looking, my some of gene(I’m smart instead of unsightly appearance though). But I really admire myself being a nice and clever guy.

Today is an easy prompt


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