I Love Procrastination

I need more rest now, I should procrastinate all things for saving my energy. It makes me feel better when nothing comes up and say “You have to do it, right now!”. Oh, god, I just don’t like that kind of busy life, I want my hours and minutes to spend on my own things, like sleeping.

The demon in my mind emerges and harshly talk to me: “Hey, you are a kook. It’s a real life! Get up right now and get all things to be done.”  I really don’t like that attitude and voice, but I know, I live in a real and cruel world, if I don’t adjust to it, then I will be dumped.

I love procrastination, it makes me to see which is the real stuff I care about. Procrastination sometimes just act like the spring, the more compression, the more force will burst.

the power of procrastination

the power of procrastination


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