Deal, I Like Reading Mind

First of all, I should thanks to be having a mad scientist as a friend.

Second, I will take the chip, I like the idea of reading minds.

Third, I don’t know if there is any side effects.

I think if I have the ability to talk to people and meanwhile I can read his or her mind, it would make all things easily.

For example, if I am a poker player on one match, and I have my cards on my hand, and I know others’ choice, I am not pretty sure I will win, but I can promise I will not going to lose.

Another example would be, like looking for girlfriends. It would save much efforts to guess and woo some girl you like and may be she doesn’t like you.

And of course, I will not tell people that I have that gifted to be able to read one’s mind, I am afraid the world is not ready for this kind of advance technology.  I don’t want to be a freak, and still I can live on a regular life.

All I saying is it would make things much easier if you keep cool and smart.

This is today’s prompt:


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