Summer Wind

Under the tree
I drink tea
With the view of the sea
I am not a busy bee

I like sitting on the beach and just spend my whole afternoon watching the azure sea. And sometimes I taste a bit of  Oolong tea, and read a book I love, it is just a great moment in the hot summer. And the best part is the sea breeze, it will take all your sweat and toil away.

Wind always has it’s magic power to people, especially in summer.  That kind of feeling is just wordless, I can’t say, and you too. I know it’s just the temperature changed in our skin of body and make neural pulse to our brain. But anyway, we are born to enjoy all good kinds of sense.

I like the smell of wind. So I go high or stand in the passageway of wind, I just want to keep that moment in mind for ever. I image myself as the son of the wind, and I can fly in the sky.


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