What I Think About Marked Card of Poker Game

I am not against with marked card, literately and really, what I against is the purposes and places of using that dirty scam. So many people who are pokers or have zeal in gambling may be think about cheating at least once, I am not bluffing, even me, zero cheating. It is not a shame, it is just the instinctive mode of thinking.

You know, what makes a person a good man is not any business to his or her mind. If we have to judge a people, we criticize his behavior not how he thought. So it’s OK to think about how to play poker for win by design, but most importantly, no cheating at all.

Should we use tech or deceitful tricks to win poker at the casino or other poker rooms? No, the answer is absolutely no!!! Because it is unfair and not fun any more. Poker games here at gambling house are not a zero sum game, first there are fees and rakes, and if some players are much better at strategy and skill, then some others have to lose.

So where we can actually use marked card? My opinion is when we play poker cards just for fun, may be with friends and family (of course, they all know about the cards somehow are being marked, probably by ink or exists unfilled corner). We play home game just for entertainment and have fun with people closed, and everybody knows the marking deck can use that scam, it is fair and sometimes it is also predictable and judgmental.

In conclusion, we use marked card for fun, not for money!

a blue poker card faced down

you never know what is the value of this card, but I know!


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