Cringe-worthy Scenes In Friends TV Series

If you haven’t seen this TV show or some episodes, so spoiler alert.

The idea of this post come from here: can’t watch this

1: Ross and Rachel Break Up

This is the most unbearable scene I’ve ever seen, to be honest, I felt worse than the two lovers. I don’t want to judge any of them, or discuss about whether you are on a break or not, I just want to say why not both of them take a step back and try to understand each’s feelings. They don’t have to break up, sometimes the reason people separate is just inappreciable. Mutual understanding and pay attention to the other one’s thoughts are so important in a relationship.

2: Pheobe and The Cat

As a friend of others, I always try to understand and put myself in my friends’ shoes. Sometimes I did not help, but my intention is good. I can not see this scene, because I know Ross is right and Phoebe was wrong, and to make matter worse, Phoebe was abusing friendship and took it for granted.

3: Monica’s Red and Transparent Top

Monica finally figured out why she was so popular because of her two juicy points. But it hazes me which Monica didn’t give up. If I am Chandler Bing, I will feel uncomfortable for sure. I do my best to tell me that this is just a joke made by the scriptwriter which I don’t get. Of course, I fail.

There may be more embarrassed scenes happen in Friends sitcom, but nevertheless, it’s a great show you should watch.


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