Your Cards Are Marked Meaning

Question: What does your cards are marked mean?
Short Answer: Your motivations or actions  are visible to see by others. 

I keep an eye on you

you are being watched

I play poker as a pro, I know the deck of cards should be changed in every game in case of cheating. However, someday some guy say out a sentence roughly like “you cards are marked” to a teen still study in school, that meaning does not concern on literal, the actually intention is to tell that guy on which the behaviors are being watch.

School bully is not my topic today, poker terms or slang are very popular from fashion culture, it may outreach many meanings to different applications and scenes. Just like the above sentence, if you don’t know it, may become a joke to others.

Still don’t know? Think about this way, your cards are marked? What card, by who? Actually the card is just you, and “marked” means I know what you’ve doing, you have no place to hide or cheat. In poker world, you can play little tricks by knowing the signs on cards and then you have chance to hoax. But in real life, you are exposed by all eyes around you, every move you make is known to others.


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