I Want To Be a Poker Company Boss

When I was kid, my father taught me how to program, and I saw him played poker with neighbors and friends. Later on, I found my interest in being a businessman. I have the ability to write codes and pack a video poker game, and I really enjoying coding. So I guess that’s why my dream is to run a online poker company and take up the position of CEO.

And now here I am, as a boss man. I started my poker business earlier this year at the beginning of spring, I have some excellent employees work for me. You could say my dream is kind of coming true. But wait a minute, still, my business have not make any success, so it’s too early to say that I am a successful person. However, I am still working on my dream, and hope one day I would really stand on the top of skyscraper I build.

Here is a quote I like most, I want to share with you.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  ——- Laozi

I like the simple but efficient way of managing company, it makes my company become stronger and stronger. My workers like to hang out with me, because I am not the harsh boss.

Good luck with me.

This is today’s prompt, you should write your dream and share with us.



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