Poker Face – You Don’t Know My Mind

Poker is the game for no words, you can not let people know your true cards in your hands from your face and expressions. That is cool and necessary, but how can I expect you not to do this to me in real life.

We met at the coffee house, we had nice and fun talking, we have something in common. Then we became friends, we got together all day long and still felt not enough. Finally I got my courage enough to ask you out, you said yes. You know what? In all my life I never felt so happy and ecstatic that special day. We went to the zoo and eat ice cream with strawberry flavor, we laugh, we talked, and we had sex. It is nice to be with someone I truly love, you know, someone I can tell my own secrets to and someone I can really care about.

Obviously, I have feelings for you, and it seems you have, too. Nevertheless, I don’t expect you love more than I love you, we just let things go it’s own track. Lately, there is something different happens and continue to bother me. I don’t know why, am I becoming the one you don’t love any more, or just you want a fling. You give me the poker face, I think I never could understand, you know I am the one who hates guessing uncertain things.

I just got one question, if you have already stopped loving me, why not just end things with me, why show me your poker face and keep us both feel unhappy. I listen to the song Poker Face from Lady Gaga, and I think about you and the things go on between us, I weep. I just wan you back, and we can still have fun together. If I ever hurt your feelings, just tell me, we can talk about them. I am a little bird who like to fly, but only company with someone close.

Can we start over, may be we should both return to the exclusive  day, the unusual place, and we meet there,just like everything is new to a baby. Let’s listen to the song Poker Face and just sit together with closeness of which would make others to be jealous.


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