Age to Me Is Watershed

When I was kid, I count my age every year. I always waited for the coming of new year which I could get my new clothes and toys. The gifts made me happy, so I was very clear about the question “how old are you”.  Now, since I am a grownup, it is my turn to give joy to children. Now if you ask my age, I may answer a rough number, say twenties. Trust me, that is the best answer I can get. The different here is not just the kid and adult, and also not the age thing. It’s the way we look at the world.

Kids are no responsible to anything, they can just have fun as they can.  Parents should not put any stress over their kids, too. However, adults have no excuse to any mistake they make. To grown man, this is a world that is full of crucial facts, a rat race, and you fallen behind then you are abandoned. Why? Because you are starting to know stuffs, you are in the formation of the society,  no pain no gain. You can not wait for someone to feed you, you should learn how to independent in your own life.

Life is not easy, it also shares the same rule in animal world. Little lions would be feed up before they become strong. And when the time comes up, those lions would be expelled from lions group. The young lions should live in their own, hunt for foods, challenge the lion king when they are really strong.

Age thing to me is just a watershed, it is a mark or truth-value programmers would say. Whenever it is true, you should really remain yourself that in your mind every day.

life is not straight

life bend in the road



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