Greedy People Will Lose Game

I learned a word pattern today, almost everything in our life has the pattern or be part of one pattern. The movements we walk, the visualization we see, the thoughts we stumble across, these things are all in a modeling pattern. If you do not know this concept, when you fail in something, but you believe you can have give it another try, then you are way off. I pretty sure you will have failure again and again until you come up with some thoughts about some paradigms. The reason why people lost their way to achieve their goal is majorly assorted to the fact of unknown about schema, you may say.

Above, I use so many times of the word pattern, but it is not surprise. Why can you have the same level of tennis skill just as the pro players? Why can you think about a question but turns out to be not fast as the geeks do? Why can you find your own creative ideas or devices, but others just come out like a torrential volcano? The final answer is simple but not superficial, because you do not have the same quality of pattern they have, the movement pattern, the thinking pattern.

Want to get that? You need practice! It won’t grow just one night, but may be need for decades of time to approach the real way. So some people in casino, they got the advanced devices such as infrared contact lenses, invisible inks and digital marked cards. Yes, they are the cheaters. They were caught in the casino when they were ecstatic about the pile of money they made, why, they are greedy people, they do not know to change their pattern, so eventually, they gonna lose their game. That is so normal.

greedy quote by testcccd

don’t get too greedy or results will go the other way.


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