Sit On The Couch And Rest

Sometimes my work is to go on a business trip, and I hate that. Because of the long travel make me feel exhausting and just want to take a rest. I always can not wait for opening the door, throwing my travelling bag on the floor, and taking off my shoes and dirty clothes, turning on computer and air condition, making an orange juice for me, and the sitting on the couch and have a whole-hearted rest as long as I can. That is the real moment I would feel I am living my life, the feeling is just wonderful, I can not have any speech on that, because I don’t know how to describe it.

I will make a list of things I would do in the next moments:
1. Eat Tiramisu and drink Earl Grey
2. Watch Sitcom for one or two episode, such as The Big Bang Theory or Friends
3. Play games online for a while to shift attention, for instance, poker games or War of Warcraft
4. Play local game installed on my computer
5. Listen to some music, may be it’s the kind of New Age, or some songs I haven’t listen for a long time
6. Then I would feel to take a nap, the best nap ever

Yes, I’ve already told you I hate my work, but somehow the next day I came home, I feel much better. And that’s the moment I can feel like a new human. May be it’s a phenomenon to tell us, life should be in a fickle and assorted status, that would make us feel new and refreshing.

keep refreshing

refreshing water flower


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