From Earth To The Mars

I don’t feel like talking about land-based travel, so here I am talking about a game I played, its name is Into Space 2, yes, there is a new version, but I did not know till now.

The game is simple, you just build a rocket by composing up some astronautic devices parts, such as accelerator and flank. You earn money through the process of game and after a mission is completed, you will get a big fund. There are also assorted badges you can get through new records, like most high line or fastest speed.  When you finished some indispensable assignments, you can unlock new level of challenges and new space instrumentation. Then you use your earned money to buy these expensive devices to help you gain the ability to fly higher and higher.

The first goal in this game to me is how my spaceship fly out the surface of earth. That is the simple and previous fun of this flash game. It is easy to achieve the goal, and will give you much more courage and inspiration to go on your travel to mars. On the road to outer space, you would see so many flying and floating machines, and also natural phenomena, you can see the helicopters, planes, white and dark clouds, lightening, fire balloons, small and big UFOs, meteors, winds.

The second but the most important goal is go to Mars. This begins the real challenge and exciting sense. Now the space this period is weightless, you can only use the acceleration and inertia to avoid hitting or being hit. On the road to Mars, there are stuff like small and big artificial satellites, bigger UFOs, small celestial bodies, asteroids belt, black and white holes, Mars UFOs,  fireballs around Mars, Wow, here is really hard for newbies.

I recommend this flash game for you, hope you like it.

Official game site:

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