Old Poker Man Love His Cake

Long long time ago, there was an old man lived in a village called pokerland. That was a rumbustious countryside, because people like to play poker in wager house and bar. Old and slow poker man emerged his shadow in every casino along with his cake, he once said:”I love my cake, and no touching to my cake”.  He wore a shabby top and a washed-out jean, draw a pair of dirty flip flops all day. He was so weird to not to get attention, every other man called him the Oake on account of letter O in poker, and A in cake, and they both own the KE part.

One day, Oake’ve baked one cake and brought to the casino he was familiar with. He found a seat and flopped his butt down. Then as usual, he put the fresh out of oven on the gable in the front of him, began to play blackjack. He was a good poker, everybody in that village knew that. No surprise, he won again today, not so much, but impressive. Nobody knew his successful secret, he was not talker. Suddenly, a chip of him dropped out of table-board and trundled to a distance, he got up and walked to pick it up slowly. At this time, a new guy with a little sense of hunger saw the cake and no one was around, so he took it and eat it. But he couldn’t, because that was not a complete real cake, it was just a box full of decks with cake outside.

Yes, after the proprietor of the casino knew that, Oake was forced to leave and the same to the money he won. From then on, Oake has never be called Oake, and also no one believed the story of he loves cake. Instead of that, people named him Cark, for he was a card shark who claimed he loved cake.

This is a nonsense story in regard to the prompt of odd trio:


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