Two Chicken Legs And A Bottel Of Iced Black Tea

Weekends are my party time after a lousy week of working, every Friday afternoon after work, I must go to supermarket and buy some food and drinks. I am a crazy eater, I can eat a lot. But since the Hemorrhoids event, I have started to live a relative healthy life, which is to reduce junk food, eat often but less at a time, control desire for food. Nevertheless, I can not live without delicious food, Kung Pao Chicken? yeah; Tiramisu? why not; Salmon Sushi? give me more. Food is the biggest thing happens in the days, don’t make short shrift of it.

However, there is an unlikely pairing of food that I will come first in mind when I head supermarket, that would be two chicken legs and a bottle of iced black tea. The history of this combo is not that complicated, you see, I like chicken, especially the leg part on one, and I am often thirsty, I like teas, every kinds of teas(bohea,Oolong, green tea, black tea, etc.). They were just assembled to each other. The taste of grilled meat with piquancy on them, and plus the iced and fresh black tea, they are meant to be together. And after enjoying the meal, I am full.

rosemary chicken for your hunger

eat chicken leg if you like

iced black tea

iced black tea

This way of eating maybe is a style, which is wild and point-blank, I really like it. I would recommend you to give it a go, but if you are not a fan, don’t blame me. So, anyway, what is your weird pairing of food. Feel free to leave comments below.

Now let’s see who share the same formation with me:

Chicken List

Tea List

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