Can We Teach Poker At College

Yes, we can! I’ll discuss next.

Why or Why not

First of all, please look at the picture below, it is a chart of trends of poker and casino. Online poker is lower than the other two, poker seems a little drop down and continue. Casino show the most steady trend in it’s role.

google trend for poker and casino single word

poker casino trend(blue for online poker, red for poker, yellow for casino)

Now you have conclusion about how big market the poker world has, and so does gambling.

Secondly, you must have heard about cheaters got caught in casino, or some gamblers were addicted to card games and struggled to get rid of it. Those negative news have their reason to show up in public, unless we fix them.

Thirdly, it is just an another life option for some people, especially who are poker players. People can fend themselves by earning money from fair games. Just like stock , stock brokers live off their profession and it happens that way.

So do I need to say more reasons? No? (Thank goodness, because I ran out of ideas.)

Teach Who

Whoever wants to feed themselves by playing in casino or every kinds of poker tournaments.

What to Teach

  • How to play(basic rules)
  • A little Math(for counting cards, chance to win)
  • Basic Psychology(poker face, observation, bluffing, control emotions)
  • Addiction Search(prevent gambling addiction and going broke)
  • Detect marked cards(play fair, learn to know how many kinds of ways or technologies can be used to mark cards)

So, university can teach poker course to whom want to do that, and it can be take as an elective course or online video course.

Check more arguments on this topic here.


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