Break Through The Block By Pause

This blog started about two months ago, and I totally wrote about 30 articles on every kinds of topics. Sometimes, I couldn’t write a single word down, I just didn’t know what to say, even I checked the WordPress Prompt. Prompt is a very good way to give you ideas to write something down, but still, you would get into the situation that the topic is just not suitable for you. After a lot of times I’ve been tried to weave some sentence out but eventually turned to fail, now once the moments of writer’s block come, I pause my writing, put down my pen, pick up my rough drafts, and then go out.

This is simple, and you can do this too. Just stop and go outside, forget about deadline, let go the things you have wrote. Take a walk around your house or in the park, wherever you like. Thinking nothing about your work, cleansing your breathe and enjoy the view in front of you. You may think when this outdoor activity is finished, you can start to scrawl your notebook again, that way you are way off. The next things you should do contain two parts, one is preparation and the other is take rest as long as you can.

Preparation: what is this? It is the reading time. Single out a book you want to read, or browse Websites on any topics optionally. Keep notes if something is new to you, and neaten the things in disorder. Preparation is the foundation of writing, even during your writing process of a book. Preparation will always gives you inspirations.

Take rest as long as you want: It is not wasting time, in fact, it benefits you in a spontaneous way. A new science study shows the evidence of the importance to take a rest, not just for you, but also for your brain to reorganize functionally. You can go to a nice and deep sleep, you can take a shower, meditation, Yoga or Tai Chi. And often whilst you have a break, inspirations just stream to your mind out of blue.

So, you hear me, next time try to stop before you hit your head against desk.

Writers’ block party:


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