Marked Cards And Card Sharp

Card marking is always the topic in poker and gambling world, everybody knows it is an unfair business among all the players and bankers, but somehow it just won’t disappear. Believe or not, granted that casinos all over the world equip themselves with the most advanced video cameras in every angle of the gambling house, even if they check all the accessories costumers bring, there still would be card sharps mess with every opponents they stumble across. This can not be stoppable, why not? You take a time to think about what really is gamble about, the ultimate answer would only be money, big bucks, thousands of dollars. Poorness is not going anywhere now anyway, so they think why not become millionaires just gather royal flush or shoot some dices.

The common method in legerdemain of poker game is to mark some cards you want. This is the easiest way to cheat at a table, you would surely remembered you played your old deck of cards with some poker friends at your house, those playing cards, you were way familiar with them, you knew the old spade Ace had a fade on it’s back, and the clue 5 lose a little sharp on its corner. Those are the tricks by played at home, but in real casino, or sometimes you see scenes in movies, the card making is way out of rookies’ league. The sleight of hands the card sharps use have been practicing like months of time before they emerge on the extremely competitive game. Do you know how to shuffle the cards without actually doing it, and how about the culling your needed card on the top or bottom. Even the dealers could intrigue against the stakes with you if you have told to them in advance, and the way they cheat is during dealing cards, for example, one way is called second dealing as the banker deal the second top card to next player but not the first card.

Now, high tech get its way and people who play scams worship the serviceable function it could be used in real gamble. Marked cards with ink juice, or other invisible markings are everywhere, then can only be recognized by infrared contact lenses or luminous detection devices. And even more, those techs can be applied in every accessories, some would never come to your mind if nobody mention it. On the player side, there are sunglasses with infrared ray, handbags with miniature camera, clothes attached by reactor, and I can say more if you will. On the dealer side, in poker game, like baccarat, the dealing shoes can be transparent to the dealer so he can totally tell the chance of winning by whom. And right before yesterday, I read an article about how the quantum physics can help with card cheating even if the other adversary know about that.

Card shark is also an another term share the same meaning with card sharp. Interestingly, those two poker slang are not always meant to be bad. Actually, in some occasions, they can be stand for good intense, for those players who are skilled at playing cards but without any marked cards being used or powerful devices being turned on. Those gurus just play well with their hands and gambling strategies, they are not cheating. Think about it, gamble is a chance game, you need luck to spin the roulette just right down to the number you want, and the desired card to complete the fours to ante more wager. But nevertheless, you find someone is always to be the winner in which the games he participates with win more and lose less. Definitely it’s  a game of chance, but if you put yourself in a big picture, that means you take a strategy to play with, such as tight aggressive play style or conservative way, then you probably win much more than you think. Aggressive strategy can use the help of bluffing to help you win with weaker hands, for instance, pocket twos or just high cards. Conservative strategy or also can be called passive playing at least prevent you from bankrupting if you are too hotheaded and sometimes it is a good way to get opponents into raise their stakes and finally lose them all instead.

For normal gamblers, either marking cards or cheating devices is not the business you can really care about, because it is firstly unfair, and then if you do, you will take the risk of being caught and sent to jail and pay fines. The main part you should really dig into is the strategy you choose. And of course you can also learn the variety of shuffling cards to get attentions from girls. Practicing is the only to achieve the same level of skills of those guys who are already being pros. Somehow, I very appreciate the sleights played by those guys per se, in a pure learning view. I would like to go to some poker schools or college learning course to get skills and be proficient at it. However, I would never apply those tricks to the real money game, that is my bottom line, and I hope you too.

Anyway, cheating would never be gone, only if people are not playing poker or gambling for money, but only for entertainment. I’ll still say gambling is a good way to take a part in our usual life, and could be suitable for every family members and friends. Let’s hope card sharks are the ones who play nicely in desktop games and win chips without any signs or marks. Then, we can totally change the whole meaning of two words: card sharp and card shark. After reading this long blog, you may find yourself a little tired, so why not enjoy a little scene from TV show Friends about the disputation of card sharp and card shark between Ross and Russ.

This is an casual article talking about prestidigitation in the card games world, like card marking and tricks. I hope you can learn something new here if you occasionally find my little literature work.


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