Not Lemonade

If life gives me a lemon, I would like to make a cup of lemonade, because I like the flavor. But I have to go the unorthodox way, so not lemonade today. Sad!

clip art of lemonade

drink me, lemonade, wow thirsty now!

If life gives me a lemon again, now I will choose to sell it on craigslist, earn may be two dollars, and then I hit casino, play gambling then win 5000 bucks. Now it is time for me to start my own business, lemonade stall! No? OK….

So another lemon was sent to my place, what am I going to do with it? I don’t want to waste such a beautiful and delicious lemon, how about I just give it to a random slum-dweller. Problem solved!

I tell you, I was thirsty already. I have to make a lemonade right now. So, life, gives the forth lemon to me.

Totally don’t know what I am saying:



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