Chinese Card Games: Throwing Match

Today, I continue to write about another Chinese poker variation, the original name do not come to my mind, the truth is I don’t know, it is a pity. But anyway, I can call it Throwing Match, I think it is quite close to original one. This is a little easy home game, very suitable for kids to play. Poker rules are way too simple, in fact, the poker name tells the all story.

Throwing Match Rules

Number one and the only one, find a pair of cards has the same face value, and throw them away(of course not in the dustbin, I mean put them on the table because you don’t need them). After the screening, all the cards remain in your hand have different value to each other, because in the first phase, all the matches are gone. And next what you are going to do is pick a card randomly from your left player(The default playing turn of this game is clockwise), if the card you pick match one card in your hand, throw them away, but if not, it is a keeper. And thus and thus, until one player run out of cards, then the champion emerges. This Chinese poker game only has one loser, the one which should shuffle the deck of cards as a penalty for failure.

Yes, the deck is dealt averagely to each player, if one deck is not enough, make it two. OK, let me get it straight for you again by a list.

  1. Deal cards equally
  2. Throw away the value matches off-the-shelf
  3. Pick cards from left opponent until you have no cards
  4. The last one who still have cards lose the game
  5. A punishment should be took to the loser, usually just shuffle cards

See, it is easy and fun, may be the best game for kids who can spend time together and promote their friendship.

haert 5 and Diamond 5 are match

value match not the suit


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