Little Women Is Good But…

Two years ago, I went to a big bookshop, intended to buy some new books to read in free time. I saw some wonderful books still not on my reading list, include Little Women, Secret Garden and Heidi and so on. So I finally chose Little Women, because I have not much money at hand. For your information, I heard about this great book before, the four kindest girls of March who have their own different destinations. And also I am a atheist, this has to be clarify before I continue.

When I got home, I started to read this masterpiece immediately. The story began with the Christmas was coming to town, and after finished several chapters, I realized this is a Christian novel. I am a fast reader, soon I finished all the entire book. It was good, but at some level, I was not that much into this book. There was something I didn’t appreciate it, something deep down in my heart, I knew this feeling, I knew it told me that I do not totally like this yarn. I know what I would like to be when I really enjoy a book. However, this time, I was not.

I mean, I love those March sisters, and the town neighbors around them. Meg is a great oldest sister, she is kind, mature and responsible to her other sisters. She is gonna to be a terrific wife and truly she is. Jo, the independent and gutsy boyish girl, she is a dreamer in that time. Beth, my fave, her leave made me sad all day. Amy, vivacious and clever, and struggle for art, only a little selfish. Those four sisters are wonderful person, if they are alive, I’d like to be best friend with them.

The thing I do not appreciate may be is the writing, or the story telling, or too much preaching. I think the book shows us a good moral atmosphere, but apparently in a wrong way. All the personalities are wonderful, but the whole story seems a little fake, or too nice, even on my fave Beth’s death.

Other people around me say it is a good book, but I have opinion in a different way. And it’s not a matter of taste!

So do you have any book you read and do not like it but yet your best friends rave about it? Share yourself here.

Nevertheless, I found the sound tracks of Little Women movie are amazing, you should listen them too. Detail information.


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