Kind of Name a Thing

The Tao which can be expressed in words is not the eternal Tao

When you live alone for a long time, you probably would make new friends, with some things. Those things are the things to which you make connections frequently, and the time you spent, the feelings come out. A stick note you use every day, you keep notes on it and you read it every now and then; A book you cherish enough, you go through some pages for refreshing every morning, you make a bonding with it; Or may be can be your favorite clothes, you love its color and style, then it becomes your best buddy.

But I am not going to name those things, they are close to me, that’s for sure, but somehow, they are still just things. When things become part of our life, and meanwhile get it’s name, they will have much more impact on us. If you love some pocket-handkerchiefs and apparently get some sense, that is OK and you will be fine, however, if you subject to this kind of naming stuff, it will have the reverse effect. We must have a clue to put things as what they are. Things do not need to be called, you just feel they exist around you.


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