Maybe I Wanna Reread Little Women

Today I read the prompt about picking up a book off the shelf and reread it, actually it remains me the other day I’ve just wrote a blog exactly talked about the noble novel Little Women. I am not so into this book so far, I get a lot of free time, and now here is the chance of rereading it, so why not?

I read an another great book wrote by Jane Austen, the book Pride and Prejudice, I may be a little prejudice on Little Women before, so I’d like to give it another chance. I remember the four sisters and I love them, however, this time I wanna try to get out of the frame, and look through it from a big picture. My friends told me that I am a perspective guy, so I should give it a go this way.

By the way, I really like the age between 1800-1920, this is the golden age of literature.


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