Lurker In Casino

S05E23, the one in Vegas, during the vacation of Las Vegas Phoebe was fighting with an old lady who was called lurker by Ross. A lurker in casino, according to Ross’s explanation, is someone who wait for the previous unlucky gambler losing his money and complain about the slots then finally leaves, and that’s the moment to swoop in and expect to earn money for bad luck had already run low by others.  And that’s how Ross’s grandma paid off the fees to get Ross went to some class in his young age.

Actually, I am very confused with Phoebe’s anger. Here is my thought, the lurker, no matter whoever, did not harm anyone, she just slide in after the former left. Lurkers do not do anything that hurt anybody’ body or feeling. You, as a gambler, play a slot for a while, whatever you win or lose, you just play all your own. Nobody is disturbing you while you’re playing. You quit the game and leave one-arm bandit, then you become the past, the seat do not belong to you anymore this time. And now, another guy take the seat and roll the machine, it’s his/her game, not you. I mean, this is totally two different events, you can not blame anyone.

slots and roulette shiny in casino

fancy slots in casino

To me, the behavior or psychology of a lurker is just placebo effect, in math, this is two very different and independent probability. It’s OK to lurk, and others players should know this is fine.


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