The Other End Is Wherever I Am Now

I am glad the prompt had already set the original end of the magic tunnel to my home. I work far away from home, thousands of miles away, if I have the knowledge and ability to build a tunnel or wormhole to connect two places, there must be one end is located at my own home. I love home, home is the best, but I have to live a life outside it for making big money to be able to continue living on. Reality is brutal, if you don’t get paid, you will have no emotion to care about what is the real life would be. So I packed my baggage several years ago, went to big city, found a job there and then miss home.

It’s cool to be able to go home any time, and this idea of building a instant tunnel is great. I always hope our science would be much more advanced than now, we can build time machine, we get the chance to instantaneous transmission. According to Kardashev scale, our earth’s civilization still stay at very beginning of developing. It is a sad fact which I don’t like. I want my own spaceship which can take me any place in universe and return home as easy as it should be.

a spaceship flies through the wormhole

a spaceship flies through the wormhole

And finally, I will share you with a song, it tells the feelings about returning home.,+Country+Roads


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