What Is It Like To Win A Big Money

Just several days ago, a young guy named Daniel Colman won a big money on the event of WSOP, one of  the world’s famous poker tournament. He won total 15 million, and yes, suddenly he obviously became a millionaire, although he worked really hard during the matches, so he deserved the money. The game the players played was Texas Hold’em, I guess, because it’s too popular among gamblers and poker amateurs. The secret of this game to success is something I don’t know, but I am sure if someone who won the money know when to hold and when to fold.

Daniel seemed stay at his poker face after the game, he did not show any emotions which we expected. I think that is quite a wonderful poker face, no wonder such a man like him would take the grand price away as granted. But he kept that emotion even the game was over, I mean that’s not necessary. Maybe he is a humble man, that is great personality we all should have, and probably it is another reason why he would won finally.

Nevertheless, what is it like to win a big money, for example, in a lottery, at a horse gambling, or just win a match fairly. You get a lot of money on your hand, when the moment comes, what will you act? I know many of people will be feverish, but may be there are still different reactions.

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