Summer Is Growing With My Age

When I was a kid, summer was a season which I could run and frolic with water, so do other children. Summer was the synonyms for fun and joy at that time, all the kids expected its coming day by day. Summer meant less homework, more play time, went for vacation, gobbled with many delicious foods. I would say this is the best time happened to me generally. Two months are a long time, especially for kids, but it seems not act like that way.  The summer holidays always hobble to the end of horizon line till we really feel it’s gone, and meanwhile the school suddenly is going to opening up again. I am not bragging here, I was a smart and bookish child back to school days, I even hated and was unwilling to go back to school. I would rather read books at home where I can behave casually.

But now I am old, twenties, far away from school and students. I never expect summer vacations, because that is impossible for me, I must work to earn money for a reason to live on.  And the hot weather of summer now has been always killing me, but I did not feel any heat when I was a kid. The only thing I can tell the different between summer holidays and other times is the less congested traffic because of kids do not need to go to school. So when the times for school returning, I know I should leave home earlier to avoid late for work. Summer is way way off from me, however, be that as it may, I don’t say I do not like summer any more.

I do expect one day, I would have a summer vacation somewhere at the beach. And I do not have to work any more, why on earth we should work?  So my plan is to earn a big money first and then retire at the prime age of mine. Because good time is for good enjoying moments, not working at office. I call it a dream, still work on it. Summer is growing with my age, my annual ring, my body, but it never grows with my mindset.

Daily prompt: August Blues

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