Poker Player, Nah

Once a time, I was lost when I graduated from college. I didn’t know what to do, I did have a dream, but I was afraid that I could not do it well because of wasting too much time in college, busied with playing computer games and meaningless social networks. I was almost in the edge of panic and being dumbfounded. Just that time I come across a chance to know poker playing in which you can make money to live. So I went for some small gambling rooms at first, don’t worry, I was 22. I learned my first several concepts and skills of poker games, though I was totally a green hand, but somehow I won a little money back. This gave me an idea about how I could make a living through playing poker gambling. This was a crazy idea, I meant I knew I would also lose money in the game, but at some points, I was bewitched.

At the end, I gave up this thought, I went out and looked for a real serious job which would help me in a good way. Through these years, I look back at the young version of me, I chuckle. I know if I am good at playing pokers and master every strategies, I can still win much money and totally live off it all by my own. But that’s not what I want, I have a dream in my mind, which is not to become a poker player.


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