Back To 12 With 25 Years Wisdom

I always expect to have a time travel go back to yore or head to future, both time travel direction are exciting. Earth has 46 billion years old, that is a lot of time for me to go through, but I may want to see nautilus and Trilobite first, dinosaur a little later.  Old times has a huge history of exploration and exploiting, but also many old-fashioned things. Future is unknown, I’d like to think about it be much better than now what we live, I mean immortality of human, always happy and do what we want to do. I can not detail every event or breakthrough would happen in the future, but I am definitely sure about the perfectionism.

And sometimes I feel regret or pity on something I did in the past, or something I did not know but I do now. So I hope there would be a time machine or something else does the same effect can help me with my wish. I know I can’t, time is one direction dimension, nevertheless, you can not take away the power of imagination. I can imagine what would it be like if I bring my 25 years old wisdom then back to the year I still in my 12, I was 7th grade,Junior High.

It’s a funny and interesting experience I will say, but deeply in my mind, I would rather get some people’s advice when I was young and ignorant, and listen to them, that way I don’t need to travel with repent.

Daily prompt: Zoltar’s Revenge


One thought on “Back To 12 With 25 Years Wisdom

  1. I heard somewhere that our life is like an arrow which has left its bow, all actions and events are inevitable. All our wise moves and our follies too, are just as per the plan. I think even if we go back in time, we can just relive it and we wont be permitted to nudge it even an inch. What do you say?

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