Daub On The Fly

You know daub? It’s an advanced way of cheating poker game at the table even all players and bystanders are watching the game. Poker is a board game and is startlingly popular all over the world, if no one ever consider game the system, then that is most wired thing I can hear. Cheating methods on every kinds of poker playing are multitudinous and also keep ascensive, but one of them may stand at the static spot no matter whatever changes. The method is called card marking, or somebody would like to name the poker cards as marked deck. Believe it or not, the saying “You card are being marked” actually comes from poker world, if you allow me to enumerate all the slang originated from poker, I can’t, because there are too many of them.

The process of daubing is not that hard to learn, but definitely need a lot of practice to be skilled and proficient, otherwise you may get nothing from your poor sleight of hand or even worse, get caught on the run. The tools and materials you need are only some juice as preparing, you do not need any marked cards in your sleeves or pockets. The art of daub(we may call it art), which stresses one point, is that you smear the cards of your opponents on the table even all the behaviors are being watched. This is an splendid way to mark poker playing cards, you don’t have to buy a deck of pre-marked cards which reduce the risk of being found extra cards, and also there would be no evidence pointed to you who has just marked those cards at casino during the game. Only some juice or other materials as needed, you can hide them so easy somewhere on you, because they are so light and small, they are just juice.

Daubing is quite a safe way of cheating poker, and there is a more safer method which is juice dust. You know those juice dust is special materials, such as infrared stuff, luminous spot or just some particular liquid. Naked eyes can not see them, you need the help of some recognizing tools like sunglasses or contact lenses. Anyway, cheating is possible, cheating and winning is also possible, so it’s on your risk.


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