Some Cracked Beats

So I am a poker player, often hang out with computer and Internet on every poker forums. I saw many topics talked about every kinds of things players encountered and how to handled. One of them gave rise to my attention and interest, the post name is probably like “which hand you got turned out to be your worst bad beat?”, something like that. Another one is similar, pocket aces, you had it but at last you blew it.

I will start from the first one. Talking about the worst hand of poker cards, the first two cards combination is 5 and 9, suit can be ignored. The circumstance was I had a little stake remained because I lost several hands already. I took a look at my two pre-flop cards, and was disappointed to find they were just 5 and 9. I knew there was still a chance to get straight, but it was that rare, I did not want lose again. And you can guess the result, after I folded, three flop cards were dealt and  faced up on the table, ask what I saw, 6,7 and 8. So I was crazy and dumbstruck. So luck is really important when you play poker, this was my worst beat, worse than below one.

straight I could get

straight I could get

Pocket aces, it was told to be the best cards you would ever have before flopping. But I don’t think so. In my opinion, they are just a pair, even you win at last, you may only win at a pair and three high cards. I mean a pair is just too dangerous to compete. I was lost once with pocket aces, and I let it go, because I knew it, I knew the chance and probability.

Do you have any worst beat while you are playing poker? I would like to hear your experience, comment below as you would.


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