My Slow Win Strategy At Texas Hold’em

Since the first night I played Texas holdem, I played it for few months so far. At the very first beginning, as a newbie, I was like to win some basic money very easily, because I was new to this game, and the old saying says:”The more wit,the less courage”. So it made me continue to involve  and soon, I started to lose money. At that point, I was told that this is the game at which luck is not only angel works. That’s the time I began to read more information about holdem, I knew what is no limit, big and small blind, and call and raise.

When I was much more familiar with this money game, I made a plan to play every day. For the time, I only allow me to spend one hour each day. I played online, so it is not so good for me to stared at computer screen for too long. For money involved, I check the percentage of how money I win or lose, if it is more than 5% either way,  I just stop. The main purpose I play poker cards is not for money, I have a job, that is what I live off, I play poker for fun and recreation.

So everything becomes slow. It turns out to be I am not bad at Texas holdem, I won at most of times. But I think it should be thank to my slow win strategy and my plan. Although it is a just small amount of stake, I am satisfied.

Texas holdem poker

Texas holdem, you fold, you call, and you win.


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