Cross Off All Five

My five things on my to-do list are listed below:

  1. lose some weight
  2. run on schedule
  3. learn advanced Texas Holdem skills
  4. control the desire of wanna go to casino often
  5. hold a poker run

These are my own list, some for me is to difficult so far, but I gonna give it a go. Unless I have other things chip in, then I just stick on the to-do list. At least, these challenges are my fave, I can do what I wanna do to change my life.

About the first two plans, they are meant to be together, the best and effective way to lose some weight out of me is through running every other day. It’s a method which is scientific and healthy to body, and also, you could never think about other benefits it would bring on, such as get early in the morning and get to bed early in evening, and big chance to lead to an healthy diet. That is an awesome plan bonding by two interactive threads.

And for the third one and fourth one, if you are smart enough, you know what I am as a …, wait for it, poker player. Yes, I love nl holdem, it is said that poker and casino are just like the wine and drugs which can make people sink into their hug. So I have to stop somehow, and control my feelings to cards. But I can still play for occasional events.

And for the last one, I wish one day I can hold a poker run to raise money for charity. That is at least what I can do as a poker player to make our world a better place. We win money fair and square, we use our clever brain and skilled experience. Oh, don’t forget, poker run is a run too, what the odds.

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