More Information More You Lose

I think Ms Gertrude Stein is right about her famous sentence: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”, this is an age of which information explode just like big bang, there are too many of them, it is not necessary and impossible for a single man to remember such extremely large information. Do you ever heart about the big search engine giant Google which has crawled the Internet about 3.2 billion pages. This is may be still not an astronomical figure, but you gonna admit it being still a exceedingly large number to a little human.

Those webpages are all information, data and knowledge, how can a person spent thousands of years to recite and digest them but only get a hundred years old lifetime. You have to figure out what information you want now and what else you should remember in your heart whatsoever. Thanks for the technology of Internet and database, people do not need time to do so, but as always you proposal a resolution to a question and fix it well, but nevertheless, you bring on another question. The question is that people extremely rely on the new tech and never want to do memory work. So that means you have to have devices and ways to inquiry something you want, then you know that stuff, otherwise you are just like an infant, know nothing.

My advice is simple:

  • use Internet as a tool, not a ritual
  • try to train your brain frequently

overload alert


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