New Business – Eye Marked Cards

My blog in most of times is concerned on poker and playing cards, especially I have wrote some articles on cheating at poker topic, like marked cards or card shark etc. So actually I know a bunch of friends who are all fond of poker and gambling stuff, they can talk about it all day. Poker is such an amazing thing, I mean, since it came out to this world, people show great interest to it, generation by generation. So many businesses emerge out and play a role among them, for example, there are online poker websites, local gambling rooms, casinos in Los Vegas and Macao and so on. I have a friend Robert Rake, he is a nice guy by the way, has just started his own business in this field.

The name of his online website is eye marked cards, namely the major professional work of this business is focused on marked cards system, and of course there are other categories, such as poker analyzers and invisible ink for back marking cards. The products, mainly marked cards of poker deck, according to me is fascinating and safe to play tricks around beholders. I have went to his office and watch the demo on the spot. Since we are really good friends, so I agreed to his request of writing a promoted blog for his new business.

His office is located at Guangzhou, China, that is a great place of marketing, trading and manufacture. The cheap labor force there ensure cheap price the products will be when selling to all over the world. Quality is guarantied, because I know it, and meanwhile there would be videos about practical using of every cheating devices. Service is fine, there would be someone(probably him) is always waiting for your call. It is very convenient for you to inquiry every single details of the cheating device you wanna buy. And I suggest you do so, give a call first, ask about everything you want to know.

Now let’s see how many products he has on the website. According to the major column, there are marked cards system, poker analyzers, spy camera and invisible inks, and also including other gambling devices. That is a big decision for you to make to buy which powerful scam tool. Card marking is definitely the big part of his business, I made a list to show how many branded marked cards he sells:

  • Copag
  • Bee
  • Da Vinci
  • Fournier
  • Modiano
  • Kem

I heart about there would be some more, but I think the things on the list is enough for you.

I know some tricks to play sleight of hands during poker game, card marking is just one of them. Take mark the deck as example, several ways to make a sign on the back of playing cards. The basic method is like juice or cut-out, if you got an old poker deck, you know your card would gets damaged corner by the sake of times. Those are the ones which is easy to find out, and all the casinos always use newest cards. So why not buy a set of pre-marked and branded poker, which is only can be seen by spy camera or contact lenses or special sunglasses. That is more safer if you plan to become a card shape.

The business’s name is eye marked cards (yes, that is my point today), sell every kinds of poker cheating tools and devices, if you are a fan of Texas holdem or baccarat at casinos, I think it would be your best choice. I commit this is a promoted blog, but it really is worth trying. Writing an email, or make a phone call, or communicate on Skype, whatever you do, just get a touch, better than not try.

And at last, I will give a list of useful contact information of this new business of marked cards.


+86 136-2229-9958
+86 20-2898-3398



eye marked cards

eye marked cards

Anyway, thanks for your read, it really means a lot to me.


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