Chinese Card Games: Seven

This is another blog about my Chinese poker variations series.

The poker game name is Seven, namely it has connection with the number 7 or playing card 7.  Everybody knows there are 13 numbers in a poker deck, the value of Ace can be one or 14 concurrently, in some game, such as blackjack, its value can be 11. So basically, 7 is the middle number of 1-14, so may be this game can also have the name Middle. So it is clear for you to understand this game of being started by the 7 point card be put on the table, suit doesn’t matter. However, spade 7 is considered to be the first card emerged whoever own it, so the roll begins.

seven poker

One of Chinese poker variations, name seven


Rules are very simple, you know, there are four suits in a pair of poker decks, each suit has two 7s. (By the way, this game can be played by multiplayer and multi-decks, but one deck or a couple is much more perfect.) And the playing method is you put a card which share the same suit and has its value next to the card existed on the table, for example, spade 7 is already put and is the only card, you must either place a spade 6 or spade 8 next to it. Yes, it is building up a sequence, beginning from 7 to 1(Ace is one here) and King at both sides. I can give another example, there are three cards which are all club, like 8, 7,6, if you get club 9 or club 5 or both, you can lay aside one card to this sequence.

So you should probably ask what if I don’t have any cards suitable for any list, that is a good question, and the question is key point to this game. First, you should know how to win at Seven, once you don’t have any card to make a move, then you must pick up one card in your hand and face down to the game board aside you. The value of the card you give up should be low enough, because when all players can not make any development, then the game is over, and that is the time to count the total points you’ve faced down cards during the game. The one who gives up most highest points lose the game. So what cards you may abandon is up to you and just be careful.

Remember the question above? In the above paragraph, I just use the word key point, but it is too vague. Since you are familiar with the winning condition, I think you are being more pretty sure about how to play this game. This is a game of strategy and political combat, full of conspiracies and plots. The rule tells if you can make any movement then you have to do this, but when you are really stuck, that is the chance you screw your opponents. I can give an instance here, say you are stopped, and you are thinking about surrendering a card, what card should you give up? There is heart 7 there, and you do not have heart 8 and heart 6, but you do have heart 9 and do not have the rest of heart 10-13, at the regulation of making best to low the cards you face down, it is very clear and clever for you to throw away the heart 9. Do you have any thoughts here? Yes   , although you give up a 9 point card, but your competitors (at least two of them, you do the math) must have higher points card like heart Jack or heart Queen to be forced into uselessness. You got my mind? Yes, I am sure you did.

Seven is a fun game surely, for home, for friends and for recreation.


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