What Can I Do In Ten Minutes

What can I do in just ten minutes, this question made me start to think.

  1. Writing a blog post. Seriously, this idea came from today’s prompt: “ready, set, done“. Actually, this whole blog post’s idea came from the prompt. So in just ten minutes, you have to think about what to write and how to write it that makes sense. I mean, that’s a tough task for you, but it worth being a challenge after all.  Especially when you want to write something in the morning or at evening before bed, you get little time and writing is a good boost for a day, so time set is one of good ways.
  2. Listen to a good song two times. In positive psychology, listening to a song that you love so much is an activity called peak experience. It helps you live in the moment and feel your heart and body bonding together. Listen to every musical note and follow the melody, just forget about everything around you and in your mind. Focus yourself to the great song and all the world is about the song.
  3. 10 minutes meditation. Meditation is way important for human beings, don’t believe it, learn about OCD first. OCD patients often lose their control to their own brain and mind, and it is very tough for men to recondition subconsciousness and mental state. Keep clean of your mind help you avoiding unknown mental attacks or imbalance, and most important thing is it is the way to understand the universe better.

So that is all I can come up to my mind for things to do during ten minutes. So any thoughts of yours?


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